Wednesday, January 29, 2014

35. Five blessings and one curse

Other than the excruciating pain, sizable holes and shattered bones in his extremities, the crucifixion did several things to the Rev. Robert Lowry for which he was grateful.  

One, it was a spiritual experience of the highest order.  It brought him closer to Christ, while, telling himself that there was a huge difference between the two crucifixions, he felt more humble than ever before

Two, it launched him to national and even international attention.  Many churches have pledged allegiance to build their own solar crosses. 

Three, he had gained Shannon Stone and Mark Lee as allies and friends.

Four, he had overwhelming public sympathy on his side.  Donations began pouring in from far and wide for Solar Cross III.

Five, those among his followers who were previously apathetic or antagonistic about the Solar Cross became supportive overnight.  Several young male members even organized themselves into a patrol force in anticipation of what likely would happen next.

And six, he attracted the unholy attention of one Rebecca Bates.

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